Monday, March 08, 2010

I can't wait until they are in charge! /sarc

Even those who do not live in California may have heard about the student protests taking place at UC Berkeley and UC Davis where arrests have been made for violent acts such as firebombing the house of the Berkeley chancellor and blocking or attempting to block major freeways at both locations.

You may not know that protests have also been held at the state Capitol building in Sacramento, including on the so-called Day of Action, which I talked about on this blog since a student pulled a fire alarm (that's OK, 19 fire alarms were pulled the same day at UC Davis - and I thought middle schoolers were immature!).

A source of mine who works at the Capitol sent me a link to this YouTube video that was shot at the Capitol protest on March 4, where someone went out with a video camera and interviewed some of tomorrow's leaders on what they would do to solve this financial crisis. Imbecility abounded:

Like little children, they truly seem to think that money just grows on trees.

Good Day to You, Sir

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Anonymous said...

"Si Se Puede"? HMMMmmmmm sounds like another campaign slogan I've heard before . . .Oh yeah, "Yes We Can."

None of the geniuses ever took Econ from me that's for sure.