Thursday, February 18, 2010

Orwell, eat your heart out

I smell a lawsuit:

Administrator remotely activates student's webcam to watch his “improper behavior” at home.

You could chalk this up as some secretive private obsession on the part of the administrator, but if the charges are true, the creepiest part is that the student claims that the administrator told the student all about the use of the webcam. This would mean that the administrator actually thought that what she was doing was justified. Not only that, this might be happening with multiple school officials and multiple students.


Good Day to You, Sir


The Vegas Art Guy said...

begin sarcasm:

Obviously this principal is a teabagging right winger. Only they would engage in such unconstitutional behavior.

end sarcasm...

Chanman said...

Now, now - learn the lingo Art. It is



You're right of course; blaming those nasty teabaggers seems to be in vogue nowadays, why not throw this one in the pile?

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Well I got tired of blaming Bush and Palin so I thought I would try blaming the tea party folks instead! ;)

And forgive me, I've been very short on sleep and could not remember the proper terminology! lol