Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Attorney General:

I would venture to say that either AG Eric Holder is a moron, or he is a leftist scumbag. Either one doesn't bode well for the well being of our country. I have to say, I don't think much of that Republican squish, Lindsey Graham, either, but the ambiguous non-answers that he extracts from Eric Holder is a rather brilliant maneuver, especially since the million-dollar question is such a simple one: If you captured Osama bin Laden tomorrow, would you have him informed of his Miranda rights and try him in federal court like you are doing with Khalid Sheik Muhammad (who was not Mirandized by the way)?

As a commenter so succinctly (and profanely) points out on (see blogroll):

This could be one of the shortest trials in history.

Defense attorney: “Mr Khalid Shitbag Mohammed- were you read your Miranda rights upon your arrest?”

Khalid Shitbag Mohammed: “No.” “Death to America.”

Defense attorney: “Mr. WhoeverthefuckarrestedKSM- did you read Mr. Khalid Shitbag Mohammed his Miranda rights upon his arrest?”

Mr. WhoeverthefuckarrestedKSM: “No sir, I did not”.

Defense attorney: “Your Honor, I move that the case against Khalid Shitbag Mohammed be dismissed.”

Judge: “Case dismissed.”

Good Day to You, Sir


luxury Toronto homes said...

I would like to say a "good one" to appreciate the humorous example of what might happen in the courtroom, but actually when I imagine that something similar to this could really occur and KSM could be freed, I don't feel very happy about it. I don't really know with what was Holder thinking making this decision and what his bonds towards Obama are that he let him decide like this but I'm really curious and rather sceptic about how the trial is going to turn out. Elli

Darren said...

That can't happen. Our President has already assured us he'll be found guilty and executed.

So much for that presumption of innocence, for the fairness of the trial, for....

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