Friday, August 28, 2009

This cop tells us what we already know

Boy, I sure love YouTube. There of course is a lot of superfluous crap on it, but it also serves as an invaluable tool for preserving that which should be remembered. Watch and listen to this astonishing exchange between a police officer and a sign-holding anti-Obamacare protester outside a town hall meeting. And I mean, truly astonishing:

Of course, if our esteemed president can gain control of Internet content, like a proposed bill in Congress is trying to authorize, then videos like this won't be much of a worry anymore, now will they?

Good Day to You, Sir


Law and Order Teacher said...

"It ain't no more, OK?" There you go. This speaks volumes about where we're going. My problem is that the guy making the tape didn't put it back up. It had a picture. Really? I would like to see that in court. I am ashamed for my former profession.

Anonymous said...

I think the officer was personally offended and did not care for the portrayal of Pres. Obama.

As a reminder as to which side started "it":