Monday, August 24, 2009

Sacramento Citizen Column

My latest column is up and running at the Sacramento Citizen. This column is the first in a planned series in which I will be addressing the so-called racial Achievement Gap in standardized test scores and academic achievement.

Good Day to You, Sir


Anonymous said...

I would agree that the "Acting White" phenomenon is real. However, it can be countered without taking it on directly. That is, without even mentioning some of the shortcomings of culture.

The school must change its climate: every teacher must talk about college, or future careers; every teacher must know the graduation requirements of the school; every teacher must know how a student gets into college; students must know that you will not accept anything less than a "C" (my students signed a pledge poster); every teacher must follow up when students are absent for more than two days;teachers must expand their circle of "command and control".

Children who are raised in a culture of victimhood, defeat, and negativity need a lot of guidance. The best way to guide them is a positive approach, one that says "add this" not "subtract that".

This is what the school I work at has done, and we are seeing results. In other words, although it is slow going, the achievement gap is closing at our school.


Monica said...

Ohh Chanman,

I love your blog! Too bad you and your lovely wife will not be joining us on the cruise this fall. Rodney and I would love to chat with you over a beer!


Chanman said...

Thank you, Monica. Feedback like that helps to keep the writing fire lit.

Polski3 said...

As a long time classroom teacher, I have heard successful hispanic students called "School boy" by their "peers". This issue will not go away until the cultural attitutes of "minorities" changes. Don't hold your breath.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Great article. And you are right on about the acting white part too. Hopefully they'll feel comfortable enough to excell in my classroom.