Monday, July 06, 2009

At least we know how they're spending their union wages

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is a radical leftist organization that purports to represent such workers as janitors, health care workers, government service employees, and home care workers.

SEIU is big-time player in the efforts to impose amnesty for illegal aliens and government-controlled health care upon the American people.

I have a friend who works in downtown Sacramento near the Capitol building. On a typical weekday morning or afternoon, you will often find some kind of rally or protest going on at the Capitol steps. The day these pictures were taken, SEIU was out in force, complaining about something. My friend quickly noticed a common feature of the the SEIU crowd and felt compelled to pull out the camera on his Blackberry.

As you look at these photos, be sure to marvel at the fact that about half of all SEIU members work in the health care industry.

The ubiquitous presence of SEIU members and their distinctive purple t-shirts has prompted the nickname "purple ocean" to describe their vast representation at all kinds of events. Looking at those photos, I would venture to say that moniker describes their presence in more ways than one.
Good Day to You, Sir


Darren said...

I'd chastise you for mocking the obese, but....

(click on the picture to enlarge, if you need to!)

Don, American said...

You can't maintain that degree of corpulence without a regular paycheck. By the way, at the skilled nursing facility in which I once languished, the "health professionals" also smoked a lot (in the alley behind the building. . . right below my window.)

Anonymous said...

yes, there is a high rate of overweight people working in the healthcare industry- not just union workers but all areas- many of the workers put in so many hours providing care, they put their own health at risk. something else you may not know is how many free hours are worked to make sure clients are safe and happy- this also keeps many of us from having time to care for ourselves...the system needs CHANGE!

Anonymous said...

No wonder they need all of those union spend money on the extra fabric needed for those XXXXL T-shirts!