Saturday, June 06, 2009

65 years ago today

Read the accounts of two men - one American, one British - who fought that day.

Arthur Selzer -

"I wasn't worried about getting shot, I was worried about not drowning. When we finally got to the beach there was no craters for us to hide in and naturally machine guns up there were firing. Omaha got the name 'bloody Omaha' because the only thing you could see was soldiers lying on the beach that were dead, blood all around you."
Jim Tuckwell -

"I came face to face with a German, and I beat him to the draw. I killed him. I sat on the grass and was sick and I cried ... he was some mother's son."
God Bless these men, and all the rest who fought, bled, and died that day, June 6, 1944.

Good Day to You, Sir


Texas Truth said...

My uncle landed at Normany Beach on D-Day. He and his buddies will be in My thoughts today.

Don, American said...

God bless America.