Saturday, April 25, 2009

You Global Warming cultists make me chuckle

How convinced is former vice president Al Gore (the Goracle) that anthropogenic global warming is for real and that it is catastrophic? How about the fact that he refuses to debate any of the so-called global warming "deniers" out there who, if they were actually given a chance to address some of Gore's hot air to his face, would make Gore the gasbag look like a blooming idiot.

The latest example? Lord Christopher Monckton, one of the best known "deniers" out there, was invited by our congress to testify at the same hearing as Al Gore on Capitol Hill. However, when zero-hour arrived, Gore "chickened out" in the words of Monckton, and refused to appear unless Monckton didn't. So, guess who got to appear before congress, and guess who was shut out of the proceedings?

If you members of the Church of Global Warming are so sure of your faith, then why do you refuse to debate and simply shut down and insult anyone who disagrees with you?


Good Day to You, Sir


Anonymous said...

It would only take a VERY simple cut and paste to make this post a creationist screed.

Chanman said...

Who said anything about creationism? I believe I was talking about global warming. Are you going to defend your position or try to change the argument?

Typical. Thanks for proving my point.

Law and Order Teacher said...

That sound is the liberal mind snapping shut.

Don, American said...

Liberals -- don't you just love 'em?