Thursday, March 19, 2009

A fringe benefit of the sinking economy

Even the illegal aliens can't find work, so they are self-deporting. I received this email in my inbox at work yesterday. The names have been deleted.

Dear Staff,

Yesterday I spoke with ******'s mother who informed me that ****** will be disenrolling from school in a few weeks, and moving to Mexico. I asked Mom why and she said that her husband was recently laid off from work and cannot apply for unemployment because of his illegal status here in the United States, and the same goes for Mom. In addition, they cannot apply for any public assistance either. She told me that she told the children on Sunday that their beds will have to be sold because they need money for rent. Without going in too many details, ****** and her mother came to the US in order to be safe.

So basically, they have no money to survive on while they prepare to transition to Mexico where they have family.

I contacted the homeless liaison at the district to see what assistance he can provide the family until they leave, and [our principal] suggested I email the staff to see if anyone would like to make a monetary donation.

Very Truly Yours,

[the school secretary]

I have this student in class and she is a very well-behaved, considerate, and conscientous student. I hate to see her go. On the other hand, she is a victim of poor choices made by her parents. When they came here illegally, they must have known that something like this could happen. It's a shame they have to drag their daughter down with them.

Good Day to You, Sir


Darren said...

The gall of someone sending that kind of email. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you think their intentions were to "drag her down".

Perhaps they entered this country to afford some opportunity. (maybe even at the prospect of possible opportunity)

You sound like the kind of guy who loves his kids/family and would do anything to protect/ provide for them. Yet you assume less of other parents.

As parents we take calculated risks each day.

Chanman said...

Unfortunately, you get caught up on "intentions." In the real world, it's not intentions that counts; it's results.

By committing an illegal act by coming here without permission and by cutting in line ahead of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people trying to come here legally, these parents put their daughter in a very negative situation.

Their "calculated risk" was to set a bad example for their daughter by breaking federal immigration laws and then uproot her life because of their illegal acts.

You sound like your intentions in writing this post were good, but then, you already know what I think of intentions.