Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Left finally states the obvious

Last week's cover of Newsweek was refreshingly candid. With the red hand of the Republicans and the blue hand of the Democrats shaking on it (and don't get me started on this red = Republican, blue = Democrat business), the cover matter-of-factly declares "We Are All Socialists Now". Speak for yourself, Newsweek!

It's funny, during the Joe the Plumber phase of the presidential campaign, the lefties and the lamestream media did nothing but scoff at conservative and Republican assertions that Obama and a Democrat-controlled congress were going to impose socialism on the United States. The media either denied it, or simply retorted that President Bush had already started us down that road (I have to admit, I agree with that last assertion).

However, once Obama was safely ensconced in the Oval Office, only then did Newsweek have no problem blaring to the world that what Obama and the congress are imposing on us is blatant socialism. I was intrigued by the whole "hands shaking" imagery to symbolize socialism, because I knew I had seen it someplace before. Then it struck me. There is a group called the Democratic Socialists of America. I have even linked to their pathetic, freedom-hating, confiscation-loving website. Here is the top banner of their site:

Below the cute little peace flower is that familiar shaking of hands. Also on their homepage is a similar image that is on their donation button:

Newsweek had obviously done their homework when they designed their cover. Then again, since it's safe to bet that many of the Newsweek staff presumably belong to DSA, they didn't have to think very hard about what to put on their cover.

Good Day to You, Sir


M.A. said...

Good find! They've been caught blue-handed.

Also, they make it seem like we are all in agreement on this Socialist "solution" to our economic problems, when that Republican hand on the cover represents only 3 people.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Hands shaking. That proves it! After all, nobody ever used that symbol before. Well done.

Chanman said...

Wow Anonymous, I stand humbled before your searing intellect.

Yep, no coincidence whatsoever.

No wonder you stay anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Look at all the socialists!

Chanman said...

Wow, you convinced me. No coincidence whatsoever.