Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

In light of the fact that our new socialist demagogue is being sworn in as President today, I have chucked my Stars and Stripes, and from now on, I will be flying this flag from my house. Thanks for the Christmas present, Mom and Dad! Give the photo a click for a nice look at the flag's finer details.

There were quite the fireworks on talk radio today. Rush Limbaugh expressed his hope that Obama's presidency is not a successful one, and then an hour later, Michael Medved was taking Rush to task, saying that we should always wish our president well, because to hope for his failure is to hope for our failure as well.

Sorry Medved, I have to agree with Rush on this one. If Obama is successful in his endeavors as President, we are thus condemned to socialized healthcare (which means rationed or no healthcare), higher taxes, cap-and-trade global warming cultism, higher prices, and a return to the malaise-inducing goodness that was the Jimmuh Carter era. No thanks.

I wish you much failure Barack Obama. I hope you fail miserably.

Good Day to You, Sir


Charity said...

If Obama is successful with his socialist agenda, he will be a failure. I hope Obama has a successful presidency in that I hope he comes to his senses and changes his positions. That's hope and change I can believe in!

Texas Truth said...

I have posted a similar opinion to my blog. I do not want The Boy Wonder to succeed. I want him to fail. His change will ruin this county...OUR country...MY country. I listened to Rush today and agree with him completely. In closing, I may have to get one of your flags for myself.

Darren said...

I don't want his policies enacted, but even that wouldn't define "failure" in my book. If we continue to move towards greater security and prosperity--and I hope we do under this President, as under any other--then he will be a good President.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I have that flag in my classroom. Lot of history there. Good choice.