Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How did Obama get elected?

From the votes of ignoramuses like these:

After watching this, I know what some of you might be thinking: "You could get a group of McCain voters who are just as ignorant." Maybe. First of all, McCain wasn't elected; Obama was. Secondly, I could confidently make the case that one of the reasons McCain didn't get elected was that many Republican/Conservative voters were overly informed about what kind of quasi-leftist toady McCain really is, and the only reason he did as well as he did was due to the conservatism of Sarah Palin. However, the makers of this video didn't just leave it to 12 Obama voters outside a polling place in order to make their point. They also hired Zogby International to conduct a poll of people who voted for Obama. The ignorance of those polled was just as astounding.

For more info, and for a rundown of the results of the Zogby Poll on this issue, go to HowObamaGotElected.com.

Good Day to You, Sir


M.A. said...

Haha. Great minds think alike. I just posted this on my blog, too!

It's frightening. My blood boils watching as the girl in the Obama shirt can hardly bring herself to mention Palin by name.

Malpractice indeed.

Texas Truth said...

The great unwasheed masses have spoken. When all Hell breaks loose and this countrty is in the worst shape it has ever seen, who will they come crying to to bail them out? Uneducated people should NOT be allowed to vote (only kidding).