Monday, October 27, 2008

Those "racist" Republicans are at it again

And this time, I'm not talking about the presidential race! Right here in good ol' Sacramento, there is a tight race for mayor between the incumbent, leftist Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter, Heather Fargo, and the challenger, Democrat and Obama supporter, Kevin Johnson. Johnson grew up in south Sacramento and had a successful career in the NBA with the Phoenix Suns. He returned to Sacramento to revitalize Oak Park, a run-down and crime-ridden district in the south part of the city. As part of that revitalization, Johnson used his non-profit organization, St. HOPE, to reopen the horribly failing Sacramento High School as a charter school.

The race between Fargo and Johnson has gotten rather nasty at times, and with both being Democrats - the suburbs of Sacto are rather conservative, the city itself is not - Republicans in the city don't have a dog in this hunt. However, they have to vote for someone, and according to a poll commissioned by the Sacramento Bee, Johnson is who Republicans favor. According to the poll, 62% of Sacramento's Republicans say they are voting for Kevin Johnson. But how can that be? Kevin Johnson is black! As the Barack Obama cult continues to try to spread the meme that a vote against Obama is a racist act, it is nice to see an example of how politics really work: most people vote according to policies of the candidate, not the race of the candidate. Although he is a Democrat and an Obama supporter, Kevin Johnson's politics are not nearly as loony left as those of Heather Fargo.

Of course, since only 23% of Sacramento Republicans support Heather Fargo for mayor, I guess you could make the argument that they are sexist instead!

Good Day to You, Sir

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