Monday, September 08, 2008

Getting the gun debate out in the open

Did you know that in many states - even ones with draconian gun laws - you can carry a gun out in public? The catch is that you must carry it openly.

Even here in very anti-gun California, you can carry an openly holstered handgun in public as long as it is unloaded; you can carry the ammo magazines in your pocket opposite from the holster. I have never had the stones to try this little maneuver, because I am sure the devil is in the details: there are probably local ordinances that supersede the state law, or rules in private establishments, which wouldn't worry me as much - so you get kicked out of the mall... so what?

However, read the story of Mark Marchiafava, who carried his pistol in a holster in the town of Gonzales, Louisiana. The cops arrested him for it, and then....

Good Day to You, Sir

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Mike Stollenwerk said...

In unincorporated areas of CA you can openly carry a LOADED handgun legally (see People v. Kinght) - there is a bill to ban this from vehicles and public places in the legislature right now, so hopefully gov. Sw. will veto it.