Monday, September 29, 2008

Arrrrr! Those Iranian landlubbers gave me the scurvy!

Pirates - with AK-47s and Rocket-propelled grenades - have been quite a menace lately off the horn of Africa. Just the other day, some hapless Somali pirates incurred the wrath of the U.S. and Russian navies after they hijacked a Ukranian ship full of guns, ammo, and a few T-72 tanks. Now there is another story making the rounds that reminds us all that its hard out there for a pirate.

Another group of hapless Somali pirates hijacked a cargo ship - this one from Iran. Within days after the hijacking and several attempts to get a peek at the cargo - which was generically labeled as "minerals" and "industrial products" - some of the pirates began to get burns on their bodies, they became violently ill, and their hair began to fall out. Hmmm; me thinks that the "minerals" on board this Iranian ship could very well be the kind that cause a geiger counter to go wild.

Serves the pirates right, but at the same time, what the hell is Iran up to?

Good Day to You, Sir


Charity said...

I know this is serious stuff, but being the mother of three boys, I can't help but laugh when I pick up the newspaper and read a story about pirates.

Don, American said...

They're preparing for the grand opening of the new Starbuck's. Some of that coffee is pretty strong.

Texas Truth said...

I bet they wished they hadn't boarded that ship.