Monday, August 25, 2008

A few more random thoughts about the Olympics

A few final observations of the Beijing Games:
  • In the first half of the games, my innocent crush was on the grace and style of American gymnast Nastia Liukin. In the second half of the games - with gymnastics being finished - my innocent crush was transfered over to American sprinter Allyson Felix. She was so quiet and dignified on the track, and gracious in defeat - even after she was favored to win the 200m and got Silver - that I couldn't help but be captivated by her performances. Her dignified manner is often sorely lacking in the sprints, especially after watching the antics of that assclown Usain Bolt. Since Felix might not be as well known as Liukin, here is a picture of her:

  • Is there a point where it can just become too much? I am talking about the opening and closing ceremonies at Beijing's National Stadium, "The Birdcage". After a while, I would just observe that there was another overproduced, over-choreographed performance going on, and I would push FF on the DVR. If London has any good sense, they will scale things back in 2012.
  • That said, I must say that I though the Birdcage was the coolest Olympic stadium, evah!
  • I wasn't too enthused about all the cheating and Soviet-inspired state sports programs the Chinese committed to in these games, but there was one performance by a Chinese athlete that captured my enthusiasm, and that was the gold medal performance by the young lady who won the 10 meter platform in diving. She was in second place in the final round, and for her last dive, she need a slew of "10s" to pull out the win. Talk about pressure. Instead of faltering, she went up there and nailed the most beautiful dive I think I have ever seen. Flawless execution, and no splash upon the entry. She got four or five much-deserved 10s and won her gold medal.
  • Why am I not suprised that the Taekwondo athlete who kicked the ref in the face was from Cuba? Why am I further not surprised that Fidel Castro has come out and defended this athlete's behavior? No fear - Castro chalked it all up to racism.
  • The United States did pretty well at these games, but there were so many events that we used to own, but in some cases, didn't even have an athlete in the final - the men's Long Jump comes immediately to mind. How much of this has to do with the travesty that is the malicious misinterpretation of Title IX in college athletics?
  • I have to admit, I could just imagine the quiet rage and seething among the left-wing NBC broadcasters like Bob Costas and Jim Lampley when beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh thanked President Bush for rooting for her and her teammate. Even if you don't like GWB - and Lord knows I don't - I have to applaud anything that causes discomfort to those left-wing loonies at NBC.
  • That picture of Mao remained parked on Bob Costas' shoulder to the very last broadcast.
  • Next year, the host city of the 2016 Summer Olympics will be chosen. Please IOC, let's make it a city that is located in a free (or at least, mostly free) country.
Here's hoping I will have some observations for you when the London Olympics roll around in 2012.

Good Day to You, Sir


Don, American said...

So you liked the Birdcage. Didn't you give a moment's thought to the Chinese building techniques, and how the whole thing could collapse at any time?

Coach Brown said...

You're going to get your wish for 2016. The finalists are Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Tokyo, and Chicago.

M.A. said...

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the men's basketball team on the gold medal stand.

Many of these players have displayed childishness and immaturity while being treated like royalty here in the U.S. Yet, during the playing of our National Anthem, every single one of them had their hand over their heart. Just about all of them were looking up at the flag as it was being raised and Kobe Bryant, someone who usually makes me spit venom, was grinning from ear-to-ear and singing the Anthem.

Kudos to Coach K for using his West Point experience to teach these guys some class and respect...even if it only lasted for a couple of minutes.

Darren said...

I thought President Bush was a class act throughout.

Texas Truth said...

I, too, was getting tired of Bob Costas and Jim Lampley. Give me the days of Jim McKay and ABC broadcasting the Olympics. NBC coverage sucks.

Hube said...

Minor nit: Wasn't it actually dubbed the "Bird's Nest?" (That's what it actually looked like.)

I am totally with you regarding Allyson Felix! She is a TOTAL class act (and very cute, to boot!). The whole women's 4X400 team showed a ton of class.

Chanman said...

Oops! Chalk it up as a Freudian slip I guess: given the Chinese proclivities toward totalitarianism, I guess "Birdcage" would be more appropriate.