Saturday, May 24, 2008

A solid effort... and that's about it

On Friday, I left work as early as I possibly could so I could catch the 3:45pm showing of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull at a nearby theater. After reading all the positive reviews and hearing the positive buzz, I was really revved to see this flick.

Two hours later, I walked out of the theater a bit underwhelmed. It was a good solid effort that hit all the markers and showed proper homage to the series. Therein lies the problem. Throughout the movie, I was hit with this feeling that the director (Steven Spielberg, no less) was just going through the paces, along with many of the actors - to include Harrison Ford. This installment lacked that fire, that intensity, that I sensed in the first three films. And the script? When the movie ended, I felt as if the screenwriter, along with everyone else involved in the project, couldn't decide how to end the movie, so they just thought up this amalgamated mish-mash that didn't make any sense.

Believe me, there was plenty to like about this movie, and when it worked, it worked. But the whole time I was watching, I kept waiting for the old Indiana Jones movies that I know and love, but it never happened. Instead, it seemed like I was watching a cheap imitation trying to pass itself off as the real thing.

Please don't let my disappointment dissuade you from going to see this film. I still recommend that you watch it in the theater. But just prepare yourself for something a little different than what you are used to when watching your favorite archaeologist in action.

Good Day to You, Sir


Darren said...

I saw it today. I agree, it's definitely not the best of the series. Might be 3rd of 4.

I posted a little something about it, though, that I think will give you a chuckle :-)

Texas Truth said...

Buckhorn Road: I wnet to see it on Saturday evening with my lovely bride. I was planning a post on it for Sunday. Rest assure I will have a good post on my thoughts on the movie.

Don, American said...

When I saw the first movie, the audience (in Sacramento) applauded when Indy escaped from the giant rolling ball. It set the tone for the whole film. I don't remember any other audience at a movie ever applauding. Well, maybe at a cult film like "King of Hearts," or "Rocky Horror." Of course, those audiences are usually smoking something.