Thursday, May 29, 2008

Out of Wright's frying pan and into the Pfleger

Up until now, Barack Obama's other "spiritual advisor", a Catholic priest named Michael Pfleger, has been flying under the radar. No more. Check out this so-called sermon that guest speaker Pfleger gave before the infamously rowdy congregation at Barack Obama's infamously racist Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. This stuff is truly over the top:

What an ignorant racist tool. Are we starting to note a pattern concerning the people that Barack Obama considers his friends and associates? Are we starting to get the picture on how truly radical are the politics of Barack Hussein Obama?

None of the Above in '08!

Good Day to You, Sir


Anonymous said...

I'm irish, french, and more irish. My great, great grandfather was a loggerman from Canada. I seriously doubt he ever owned anybody. None of my ancestors was ever rich.

Why is it that all white people get blamed for slavery, when even some white people's ancenstors were enslaved themselves? Answer: ignorance of history.


Law and Order Teacher said...

Sorry, I don't have white guilt. My ancestors were just as despised as anyone being German and Catholic in the 19th century. The Dems strategy is to bully white people into voting for Obama.

Texas Truth said...

Obama has a large group of people waiting in the wings when someone derails hIS "train to the White House." He is so DANGEROUS.

Texas Truth said...

Law and Order Teacher: You got that right. He is trying to “divide and conquer” and “destroy from within.” He sure sounds like he is following the “Communist Playbook for Success.