Monday, May 12, 2008

Jolt Cola, eat your heart out

When I was a freshman in high school, Jolt Cola hit the market. Their tagline was Twice the sugar, all the caffeine! I have a feeling that the intensity of Jolt pales in comparison to the so-called energy drinks that students consume today; down to and including elementary-age.

Yesterday's Sunday edition of the Sacramento Bee had an above-the-fold front page story about these energy drinks that our utes are drinking in vast quantitites. The headline reads High-caffeine controversy: Youth embrace energy drinks - and some pay the price.

The article is accompanied by a few pictures of pampered, smart-ass middle school kids whose quotes in the article tell us bucketloads about the lack of parental involvement and/or control in their lives. My favorite part of the article was this gem:

By 9:15am, classmate Jake Spinks, also 13, said he already had consumed a Rockstar Juiced Guava and a Red Bull (for a totoal of about 240 milligrams of caffeine), the equivalent of about three cups of brewed coffee.
"I'm feeling great," Spinks said with a grin.
The seventh-grader acknowledged, however, that the drinks can make him jumpy and unruly in class.
"I get obnoxious; really hyper," he said. "My parents get mad because I get sent to the office a lot."

So the next question I would ask is that if your parents are mad because your hyper butt gets sent to the office, do they get mad enough to take away your monetary means by which you attain said energy drinks? Just wondering.

Good Day to You, Sir


Mrs. Bluebird said...

Hum....I doubt they even have a clue that's he's slurping down this swill.

Chanman said...

Heh, if his parents read the Bee, they will know now ;)

Anonymous said...

I caught one of my more "bouncy" student chewing a wad of nicorette chewing gum one day. I sent him to the office where he was forced to spit it out; no other consequences. Another mark in the annals of administrative achievements.

Anonymous said...

I don’t usually comment on these, but I wanted to “set the record straight”. I am Jake’s aunt and he doesn’t drink energy drinks. He and his friends were just messing with the reporter- telling her what she wanted to hear. Granted not ideal behavior, but not uncommon for a group of teenage boys. Something the reporter would have found out if she had contacted his parents.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

I had a student a month ago complain that his hands were shaking. I asked him what he had for breakfast.

wait for it

wait for it

almost there

A Monster and a Twinkee!

I had a heart to heart with him and explained that things like that could land him in the ER.

I think he got the point.

Chanman said...

Wow! The fact that Jake lied to the reporter should make you think twice.

What makes you think he isn't lying to you about not drinking energy drinks?

As a teacher, I wish I had a dime for all the times a parent has told me, "Oh, you must be mistaken. My son/daughter/niece/nephew doesn't do that/say that/think that."

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