Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Classroom misbehavior applied to a driving lesson

One of my favorite edubloggers is British scribe OldAndrew, who writes at Scenes from the Battleground (see blogroll). OldAndrew just did a followup post on a classic example of the day-to-day resistance we get from our students that wears us teachers down and just makes us want to scream.

In this hilarious - but frighteningly accurate - post, OldAndrew imagines what life would be like for a driving instructor if the instructor had to put up with the same crap that we teachers face every day in our classrooms. Here are a few lines to make you thirsty for more:
I had a driving lesson recently. My years of teaching have helped me understand how to be a receptive and eager student.

“Hello, Andrew. You have a lesson.”
“Yeah, I know.”
“I’ve been waiting outside for ten minutes”
“Yeah, I know”.
“Well why didn’t you come out”
“Couldn’t be bovered”

“Well I’m going to have to charge you for the time I was waiting outside.”
“What? You’re charging me for NUFFINK!”
“Well I think that’s only fair as you’ve left me waiting.”
(We go to the car)
“Okay, lets get started. I think …. Andrew?”

“What now?”
“Why have you sat in the back seat?”
“I like it here. I can see the road better.”
“Look, you aren’t going to learn anything from the back of the car.”
“Why do I always have to sit in the front? My last instructor let me sit in the back. And he let me drive at whatever speed I liked. He was a solid teacher.”
“Just get in the front”
(He waits)
“Come on.”

“I am getting in the front....”
To read the whole thing, click the link above.

Good Day to You, Sir

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