Sunday, April 20, 2008

So what will you do this summer?

How about teaching English in Ethiopia? That is what a friend of mine, Mike Nevin, will be doing during a good portion of his summer vacation. Mike is a high school history teacher in the Sacramento area, and felt a calling to take on this selfless adventure when he learned about the opportunity at his church. I say "selfless" because Mike will be leaving behind his wife and three young children to spend a month in a very unstable continent, and the country of Ethiopia - along with its neighbors - aren't exactly stable either.

Mike has started a blog in order to document the events leading up to his departure, and he will also apparently be able to blog from Ethiopia as well, as there will be internet access available where he will be working. Mike is a great writer and teacher, and I look forward to reading about his experiences teaching English a half a world away to people who live in conditions few of us can fathom. You can click to his blog from the link provided, but I will also be adding it to my blogroll in the Education section.

Godspeed Mike Nevin!

Good Day to You, Sir