Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Protest planned against the racist genocide of Planned Parenthood

The history of Planned Parenthood is an ugly one. The organization's founder, Margaret Sanger, was a proponent of Eugenics, which is the theory of strengthening a race of people through selective breeding. Sanger believed that a certain "spawning class of human beings," blacks included, shouldn't reproduce, and she spent her life trying to make her beliefs a reality. Seeing as how a hugely disproportionate number of abortions are of black babies, it seems that Sanger's dream has largely become a reality.

Planned Parenthood is often associated with the political left - you know, the denizens of love and tolerance? Last year however, an undercover investigation by a pro-life group showed how far Planned Parenthood hasn't come in separating itself from Margaret Sanger's ultimate goal. The pro-life group called Planned Parenthood offices and asked to make a donation for the specific purpose of aborting a black baby. The callers didn't sugarcoat it either; they said purposefully inflammatory statements about not wanting more blacks in the world. Planned Parenthood still took the money, often enthusiastically. The following is an example. There will be a short phone call and opening credit montage, and then listen to the primary phone call that will carry through to the end. This made my blood boil:

According to WorldNetDaily, a protest by black pastors and other anti-abortion activists will be held this Thursday in Washington, D.C. The protesters will be demanding that the federal government stop giving financial grants to Planned Parenthood. John and Jane Q. Taxpayer gave Planned Parenthood a cool $336 million dollars last year. I guess that's not enough money, because Planned Parenthood will gladly take private donations in order to target black babies for destruction. And life just keeps getting cheaper.

Good Day to You, Sir


Donalbain said...

Of course, it is entirely possible that the people at planned parenthood thought along the lines of "Hey, this guy is a jerk" and so had no problem taking his money away from him. If they actually DO target black women for abortions, that would be a different issue, but I see nothing wrong with taking money from a racist and then not doing what he wants me to!

Chanman said...

I guess you didn't notice that the caller made very sure that aborting a black baby would be exactly what that donation would be earmarked to do.

What do you mean "if" they target black women for abortions? The founder of PP meant to do just that, and even today, 80% of PP abortion clinics are located in minority neighborhoods.

Donalbain said...

He made sure that is what they TOLD him. I dont know if they have anyway of earmarking such a donation, and my limited experience of working in charities would suggest that they dont. Hence my comment that they may have just taken the racists money, and told him it would do what he wanted, while having no intention of actually doing it.
As for the location of free family planning clinics, I would EXPECT them to be located in poorer neighbourhoods, since that is who needs free services of this kind. The sad fact of modern life is that the poorer neighbourhoods tend to be the minority neighbourhoods.

Chanman said...

You defend Planned Parenthood by talking of speculation and how you don't know of how exactly PP does things.

I am judging Planned Parenthood by their actions and words, not what I think their intentions are. Their actions were to accept the money even though they were well aware of the donor's views, and their words were either indifferent or enthusiastic.