Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mugabe choosing to go peacefully?

Seeing the probability of stealing this election as being somewhere between nil and nada, reports are surfacing that Robert Mugabe, the dictator of Zimbabwe for the last 28 years, will be stepping down. He has read the mood of the masses, and the masses ain't happy. When that is the situation, the smart thing to do is to step aside.

I can't say I blame Mugabe. He didn't want to end up like this guy:

Nicolae Ceausescu was the long-time dictator of Romania until the collapse of eastern European communism in 1989. Ceausescu refused to give up his grip on power, so he and his wife were put up against a wall and shot. Images like that and these are probably running through Mugabe's mind while he mulls the possibility of vacating his seat of power.

The only question now is will he be required to remain in Zimbabwe so that he and his sycophants will be held to answer for their crimes, or will he run for it and live the rest of his life in luxurious exile in some rogue country that is willing to aid and abet him, ala Idi Amin kicking it in Saudi Arabia?

With the departure or demise of Robert Mugabe now (hopefully) imminent, I can only pray that the people of the beautiful country of Zimbabwe can recover quickly. My word of advice to the incoming government is: for the love of all that is good and holy, adopt free market reforms, reject strongman socialism that you just voted out, and don't lay down the heavy tariffs upon which - to their detriment - so many African countries rely.

Good Day to You, Sir


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