Friday, April 04, 2008

How do you convince Mexicans to give up their Tequila and start drinking Vodka?

By appealing to their wishes for "Reconquista." Absolut Vodka - a Swedish company by the way - has a new ad that is running in Mexico and was created by an ad agency in Mexico City that shows an "Absolut world" in which Mexico has reconquered the land that the United States won from them after the American-Mexican War of 1846-1848.

I rarely drink hard alcohol - I'm a German import/microbrew beer lover - but if I am ever offered something with Vodka in it, I will check first to see if the Vodka is Absolut. If it is, I'll ask for something else. If I can stop shopping at JC Penney, I can stop drinking Absolut Vodka.

Good Day to You, Sir


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't it read something like, " En un Mundo Absolut"?

Coach Brown said...

That's disgusting. I'm blogging about it later I'm so irritated at that crap. Thanks for bringing it out.

Law and Order Teacher said...

The ultimate in niche marketing. What's next, advertising to the Native-American population with a map entirely without the US?

Don, American said...

Budweiser is good enough for them; they LOVE Budweiser.

If there's any invading to be done, I know which way the troops (Marines) should go.

Texas Truth said...

These companies will go to any length to increase their profits. After all, do they really think Mexicans will stop drinking tequila? From everything I now, they only drink beer and tequila. I wonder if this a similar to certain companies advertising malt liquor in predominately black neighborhoods.

Polski3 said...

AFAIK, Rum is also consumed in Mexico, abet not as much as cerveza or tequila or mescal. IIRC, the "fact" that the lands of Oregon, California, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas were stolden from Mexico by the evil USA, is standard fare in Mexican schools. The fact that their leadership signed it over for money is rarely brought up. Same with the Japanese; they do not teach much about the Japanese Army in China, Philippines or other places where they committed atrocities; nope, the Imperial Japanese Army was there to protect Nippon from the evil Chinese and US puppets in the Philippines.

Does this ad bother me? Not really. I can't drink liquor anymore, so it will not affect their sales one bit.

Wonder how many out there in the world who view this know it is "geographically incorrect" ?