Thursday, March 27, 2008

Like mother, like daughter

I have been swamped with happenings during my "relaxing" Easter vacation. I have been moving things around the house at the behest of a house stager who our real estate agent hired in order to help get our house sold. On top of that, I have spent the last two nights from 6-10pm taking a CPR class through the Red Cross so I can clear my teaching credential. Busy, busy!

In all this busyness, I haven't had a chance to remark on Hillary Clinton's hilarious remarks about dodging "sniper fire" in Bosnia back in 1996. Typical Clinton embellishment and coverup. The funniest part is that now Bill and Hill have enlisted their daughter to cover for Candidate Hillary!

The most telling feature of this video is the moaning and groaning from the Hillary-loving audience when Chelsea is given a direct question about her mother's "sniper fire" claim, along with the fawning applause when Chelsea avoids the question with a pathetic attempt at giving a diverting answer:

Good Day to You, Sir


Don, American said...

But you have to give Chelsea credit for telling the nosy student at Butler U. that what she thought of her parents' marital relationship was "None of his business."

Texas Truth said...

She is a chip off the old block. A couple of years more seasoning and Chelsea will be a clone of her mother (with a bit of ehr father tossed in).

Anonymous said...

A pox on parents who put their daughter in the position of having to answer a question about her father's infidelity.

Another example to illustrate the lack of "shame" in the make-up of either Bill and Hillary. If they could figure out a way to use Socks the cat or the deceased Buddy, the dog, they would be on the campaign trail, too.

I have sympathy for Chelsea in that she is another victim of her parents' super egos. Another Clinton victim.