Sunday, March 02, 2008

I'm surprised this quote made it into the article

I don't blog much about the ongoing whack-a-mole game being played between the Israelis and the self-proclaimed Palestinians. If I did, my blog would pretty much sound like a broken record: Palestinians shoot rockets into Israel, Israelis give a strongly worded warning for it not to happen again, Israel is condemned by the international community for abusing the poor put-upon Palestinians, Palestinians shoot more rockets into Israel....

The situation between Israel and the self-proclaimed Palestinians is not unlike the relationship between two siblings, with the Israelis playing the role of the wishy-washy older brother with the patience of Job, and the Palestinians as the snotty, conniving younger brother. You've all seen or heard about this scenario: the younger brother endlessly torments the older brother - dancing around him, hitting him, kicking him, stepping on his feet. The older brother takes all of this abuse, knowing that if he does anything about it, the younger brother will run off and cry to the parents, who for whatever reason, tend to dote on the snotty younger brother. Finally, his patience being all used up, the older brother snaps and punches the younger brother in the nose. Sure enough, the younger brother goes crying to the parents with a good sob story about how he was being picked on by the older brother. The parents then send the older brother to his room without any supper. And so it goes, time after time after time after time....

This is why I was so pleasantly surprised to see the self-proclaimed Palestinians caught in lie during this latest exchange of gun and rocket fire between the Israelis and the Palestinians. And where was this lie mentioned? Why, in the New York Times! Hey, even a broken clock is still correct twice a day, right?

In this latest clash on the border between Gaza and Israel, the "fighters" (New York Times' terminology) in Gaza were shooting Qassam rockets into Israel, and the Israeli Defense Forces determined it was finally time to shoot back. At first, the Times article sticks to the usual template by informing us of all the children and innocent adults in Gaza who were killed in the crossfire, but then they make a very important distinction:
Hamas (the terrorist organization that controls Gaza --Chanman) said that one girl, Malak Karfaneh, 6, died Friday night from an Israeli strike on Beit Hanun in northern Gaza, but residents said that a Palestinian rocket had fallen short and landed near the house, killing her and wounding three siblings.
So Hamas spokesman chalk up the girl's death to the Israelis (natch), but even other Palestinians had to admit that it was a Palestinian rocket that actually caused her death. We are talking about Islamic terrorists who believe they will go to paradise if they kill the Jewish apes and pigs (the terrorists' terminology for Jews). Do you really think these animals are going to worry their little beards about any civilians who get killed in the midst of a Jihad against the Infidel? There is little wonder that Palestinian civilians are killed in Israeli air strikes, considering that the cockroaches who are shooting off the rockets purposely place the rocket launchers among the civilian population for maximum propaganda effect, should an errant Israeli missile that was intended for a rocket launcher, instead hit the house full of children right next door.

This brings me to another telling quote from the article:
In Gaza on Friday, Hussein Dardouna, 50, was burying his son, Omar, 14, killed while playing with his friends by an Israeli strike aimed at a rocket-launching team. “I couldn’t identify the body of my son,” he said. “It was very hard until I found the head of my son. I’m against these rockets, but I am afraid. What can I do? If I protest they will hit me, they will kill me.”
The "they" of whom Mr. Dardouna speaks ("they will hit me, they will kill me) are not the Israelis. "They" are the terrorists in Gaza who are launching these rockets into Israel. No wonder that so many Palestinians continue to live in Israel rather than in Gaza, which the Palestinians control, preferring the "hell of Israel" to the "paradise of Arafat."

Good Day to You, Sir


Donalbain said...

Strongly worded warning??
What the fuck? Killing civilians (including women and children) is despicable on BOTH sides. And to claim that when Israel does it it is a "warning" is disgusting.

Chanman said...

It's pretty hard for Israel to NOT kill civilians when Palestinian rocket launchers are placed among the civilians. In the face of daily rocket attacks against their country, Israel has shown incredible restraint.

Your moral equivalence is what is disgusting.

Donalbain said...

Bullshit. Fucking bullshit.
You claimed that Israel gave "strongly worded warnings". You do not kill children with a "strongly worded warning".

Of course, you also go on about "self proclaimed Palestinians", as if that was somehow a meaningful phrase. Of course, you are a "self proclaimed American", but that has no bearing on wether the USA should be independent or not. But hey, if calling them "self proclaimed" makes you feel better when you pretend they arent being killed, then fair enough.

Chanman said...

Whoa! Me thinks I have hit a nerve. Yes donalbain: strongly worded warnings. How many Palestinian rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza without any kind of a military response?

Since rockets are fired like this almost every day, yet you don't hear about military responses like the current one almost every day, then it stands to reason that the Israelis absorb quite a bit of punishment before they finally resort to using violence to defend themselves.

Nice potty mouth.

Anonymous said...

If memory serves me correctly Mr. Chanman, you have an older brother. Which would make you the bratty little, snot nosed, brother. :)

Also, it seems as if you've gained a fan from the opposite side of the fence in Donalbain. Seems as if when you say tomato, he (or she?) will always say f*****g tomatoe.

Throws out those potty mouth words like a 13 year old who wants to seem older. So cool.


Anonymous said...

In the name of correctness, it should be made clear that in Chanman's case, the older brother did most of the pestering on the younger brother.

Chanman said...

It's true - I was oppressed!