Wednesday, March 05, 2008

For the (personal) record

My previous post got me thinking about my track career in high school and college, and I began to try to remember what my best times were in the different events in which I either specialized, or just ran to see what I could do. I ran track from my freshman year in high school in 1987, to my final year of junior college in 1993, with a stress fracture thrown into the 1992 season. My high school didn't have a Cross-Country team, but I ran it in college. I did OK, but I just wasn't made for anything over a mile; especially when running over hill and dale. Track and Field has been my favorite sport as long as I can remember. I have attended (as a spectator) the 1991 NCAA Championships, the 1990 and 1999 California High School State Meets, and the ultimate experience: every day of the 2000 Olympic Trials which were held here in Sacramento. And of course, I never miss watching the Olympic competition on the tube. My specialty was always the 800m, with the 400m being my other event for the first couple years, and then later switching to the Mile instead.

So, without further ado, here are my personal records in every event in which I competed:
  • 100m - 11.5
  • 200m - 24.1
  • 400m - 51.7
  • 800m - 1:59.1
  • Mile -
    • On the track: 4:34.6
    • On the road: 4:27
  • 2 Miles -
    • On the track: 11:11.0
    • On the road: 10:37
  • 4 Miles - 23:46
  • 5 Miles - 31:29
Not earth-shattering, but pretty respectable times in my opinion.

If any of my readers competed in Track and Field or Cross Country, please feel free to brag in the comments section!

Good Day to You, Sir


Don, American said...

In the Army, I once came in second in a table tennis tournament. I believe the prize was a carton of smokes. I'm so proud.

Hube said...

Wow, chanman! As a track guy myself, I can attest that those are some pretty damn good times!

I was a mid-distance man. My PRs (both done as an HS senior):

400m: 49.8
800m: 2:03.3

Anonymous said...

In my last track meet, I got a gold medal in the 100m, 200m, and 400m. Of course, it was in the local senior olympics, and I was the only one in my age group!