Thursday, February 07, 2008

Welcome to New Orleans! Here is your complimentary bulletproof vest!

What a waste of a good city. My wife and I spent a couple days in New Orleans about five years ago, and there are parts of that city that are so wonderful: the buildings and homes in the French Quarter and the Garden District, the D-Day Museum, Jambalaya, the Big Muddy, the music... siiiiggghh!

Then there's the corruption, the anti-white racism ("Chocolate City" anyone?), the poverty, the dependence on government, and worst of all, the murder rate. It is only the first week of February, and New Orleans has already seen 21 murders this year, and keep in mind that the city has still not reached its pre-Katrina population, so we are talking more murders per capita. During the just-finished Carnival season, there were four murders and twelve shooting injuries in just five days.

To hear the finer details of the murder spree going on in Big Easy, here's your news article right here.

Good Day to You, Sir

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