Monday, February 04, 2008

Sieg Hillary!

Try as she might to stifle her socialist leanings, sometimes Hillary Rodham Clinton just can't help herself. In a Reuters article from today, Hillary was talking about her "universal" health care plan for our country, and said, "My objective is to get everybody into this system". No kidding - If you are wondering how she expects to get everyone into her health care system, then just cue this quote from an AP article:
In a day dominated by familiar stump speeches, Hillary Clinton made news by saying she might allow workers' wages to be garnished if they refuse to buy health insurance. She has criticized Obama for pushing a health plan that she says would not require universal coverage.

Pressed on how she would enforce her mandate, Clinton said: "I think there are a number of mechanisms" that are possible, including "going after people's wages, automatic enrollment." (Chanman's emphasis)
The gall of this woman never ceases to floor me, even though I expect it at every turn.

In other Hillary news, it appears that she figures since it worked the first time, maybe it will work on gullible voters once again. Just hours before the start of the New Hampshire Primary (which polls showed she was losing to Obama), Ice Queen Hillary had a sudden case of the tears during a televised interview. Her popularity among female voters shot upwards, and she pulled out a win in New Hampshire. Fast forward to today. With polls again showing Obama leading her in many races just one day before 24 states vote in Super Tuesday, Hillary's waterworks mysteriously erupted once again.
On a visit to Yale University in Connecticut, Clinton's eyes glistened during an introduction recalling her law school days there. It was an echo of her emotional display before the New Hampshire primary, credited with helping turn the tide for her eventual victory in the state.

"Well I said I wouldn't tear up," the New York senator said. "Already we're not exactly on the path."
Naturally, Hillary's myrmidons would give me a big Harumph for my mere suggestion that her tears are not authentic, but c'mon folks, we've been down this road before. Let's just see if there is any kind of turn around in the polls in any of these previously Obama-leaning states; especially among the female voters. Not that I want Obama to get the nomination, for he is a bigger leftist than even Hillary Clinton. How tough it is get enthused about a presidential election when you detest the frontrunners of both parties.

Good Day to You, Sir


Donalbain said...

And of course, it is not AT ALL rude to actually compare Hillary Clinton to a genocidal maniac. No... not at all!

Chanman said...

Yes, I musn't offend Queen Hillary. Wouldn't want to be rude!

Mrs. Bluebird said...

That witch will have to pry my health care benefits, my dental benefits, my vision benefits, and the ability to use an on-site health clinic (provided by my employer), from my hard-working hands. I pay for these through an insurance deduction, but let me tell you, $200 a month for hubby and I and all these benefits is a steal. And I plan on keeping them.

It amazes me how people will bitch and moan about the rotten service they get at the Department of Motor Vehicles (a gov't agency) and then whine about how they want gov't health care. Uh, hello? You think waiting for a license is bad, wait until you have to wait for a kidney!

T said...

I am shocked that anyone would change their minds on who to vote for because of some crocodile tears.

She just scares me. In fact, my cute little nickname for her is "That Scarey B***H". (shudder)

And DONALBAIN, get off the "that's so rude" crap. If you can't come up with something else to say, shut it. I know, I know, that's rude. Boo hoo get over it.

Donalbain said...

I just find the hypocrisy amusing and so I comment on it. I could also point out the intellectual level that "argument ad hitlerum" represents is not exactly staggering. But hey, if what passes in your mind for political debate and discussion is name calling (and I notice in a quote from Ann Coulter posted up higher on the blog, that name calling includes not just Hitler but "that's so gay!") then fine.