Saturday, February 23, 2008

Real music for your weekend

Now that I given you my negative opinion of Amy Winehouse, I thought it only fair to demonstrate what I would listen to if someone asked me to recommend some jazzy British music. You can't go wrong with Mark "Thunderthumbs" King and Level 42. Mark King is one of the best bass players in the world, and this clip shows you what I mean, as he does one of his specialties, which is a technique known as "slap bass":

Speaking of Level 42, if you are a fan of '80s music like I am, take this opportunity to transport yourself back to 1986 and listen to one of the best songs of that stellar decade:

They just don't make songs like that anymore.

Good Day to You, Sir


Anonymous said...

Ok, so who is Mr. Tophat's father? The Joker or Stephen King's IT (as portrayed by Tim Curry). I bet he could eat a whole cantelope in one bite.

:) T

Chanman said...

Now, now - I said the song was great. I said nothing about the cheesy '80s video that accompanied it.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say anything about the cheesy video. I like the '80's videos that make you say "what the...? um, ok".

I just found it hard to focus on anything but Jabber Jaws. I was afraid to get too close to my screen for fear of being sucked in.

So many great videos, so little time.

Donalbain said...

They just don't make songs like that anymore.

-Thank fuck!

The 80s were a dire, dire, dire decade.

Chanman said...

Wow donalbain! So you're not just wrong on politics either?

Law and Order Teacher said...

Wow that was a harsh statement. I thought we were listening to a song. "Dire decade" and I am sure the 90s were just peachy. Who cares about that Cold War win. I don't know much about 80s music as my decades were the 60s and 70s. Good song though.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Had you picked Tainted Love as the song of choice I may have removed you from my blog roll. That song sucked in the 80s and it sucks now. The 80's had two separate movements going on at once. New wave was one and 'big hair' rock was the other. I'm not sure that any other decade had such a divergence of music like that.

BTW I was a rocker back then, although I really liked Oingo Boingo...

Chanman said...

Totally agree: "Tainted Love" was by far one of the worst songs of the 1980s. Loved the hair metal though!

Samuels Daddy said...

Well, some of these comments just confuse me. New Wave and Big Hair Rock being the two separate movements of the 80's? I don't know...I don't think so. Big Hair Rock started in the 70's. New Wave...might be right on that one (early 80's). But I look at the 80's as having MAJORLY differing music styles. For instance, the CARS of the early 80's are a completely different type of music than say Bobby Brown or Keith Sweat of the late 80's. AND who's gonna deny the greatness of Michael Jackson and Madonna? In my book, they were the king and queen of the 80's...although neither were my favorites. And neither were new wave nor had big hair. I think a HUGE movement was probably the whole androgenous-crap-thing like Prince or Culture Club or The Cure...guys looking like girls (yuck), but it sure was big.

The 80's had a lot of really good music...that being said, obviously so did the 70's...and so decade laying the groundwork for the next (doy). My experience, my main experience I should say, was the 80's. I know there was a lot of dorky songs but I never thought that Tainted Love was one of them. Anyways...Level 42 was and is my favorite group of all time. Chanman...we must be kindred spirits is all I can say. And I'm pretty sure of that because you also just happened to put the video of my favorite song that they sang: SOMETHING ABOUT YOU. What a GREAT song!! It has never lost its luster.

I also share (and have said) your sentiment: "They just don't make songs like that anymore".

No. They do not.

And now, I mostly listen to Contemporary Christian music and Conservative talk radio.

I still dabble some with music from the 80's (and other decades as well).

Thanks for the post, Chanman