Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This is what happens when one of the uber-blogs - In this case, Instapundit (see blogroll) - links to yours. He decided to link to my photo of the job posting at JC Penney for bilingual Spanish speakers. For a small blog like mine, having my daily ticker showing over 6,000 visits today, rather than the usual 55 or so, is sweet to say the least! Also, 35 comments for one post is another record for me as well, and for once the comments weren't mostly composed of a running battle between myself and donalbain. Thank you Glenn Reynolds!

Good Day to You, Sir


Donalbain said...


Seriously, I hope you don't see our communication as a battle. I certainly dont. As I see it, it is at most a disagreement between two people of good motives who just happen to disagree.. I enjoy your writing style and you are interesting in your blogging. In the comments section, you come across a little more rudely, but it is far from being a battle.

Chanman said...

Worry not - "battle" is just an American idiom. It doesn't denote anything horrible.

"Rude"? No, no: "spirited" is the word you're looking for.

Anonymous said...

You have one new reader from Sacramento who found your blog through Instapundit. Do you ever do any local blogging and if not can you recommend someone local? Thanks

Chanman said...

Anonymous - I often find a treasure trove of material in the Bee about which I comment.

I also have covered and photoblogged local anti-war protests - you REALLY need to check those out. Use my search function up top and put in "Broadway", and you will enjoy oodles of protest photos from their favorite Sacto hangout: 16th and Broadway. There is a great one of me posing with Cindy Sheehan!

As far as local bloggers who talk more exclusively about Sacto than I, bloggers who come immediately to mind include:

Millers Time (

Sacto Dan (

Dan Weintraub

Craig DeLuz, et. al.

I will try to think of some more.

Thank you for your (new) readership!

Charity said...

Congrats on the recognition. I hope you pick up some new readers.

I love your blog's new look. I read in Google Reader, so this is the first time I have seen it.

Don, American said...

You may be interested in my running battle with the Sacramento Bee.

Anonymous said...

I looked up your pictures from the hippie fest and it was fantastic. I grew up in Land Park and have never seen more than 5-6 people on that corner. For some reason the thought of the two playing "bump-ass" has sent me into fits of laughter. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...



Darren said...

That's 3x as many as *I* got when Glenn linked to me. I'm insanely jealous!

Pauli said...

Jonah Goldberg helped me in the same way about a month ago my linking to this.