Saturday, February 02, 2008

How objectionable is John McCain?

You know it's pretty bad when Ann Coulter says that if the Son of Cain is the Republican nominee, she will vote for Hillary Clinton - yes, you heard that right!

I implore you to watch the following 3+ minute segment from Hannity and Colmes where Coulter is doing such a job defending Hillary Clinton over the Son of Cain, that Alan Colmes decides to cool his heels while Ann Coulter does his job for him. It's hilarious!

I'm sure the knee-jerk reaction of many of you might be the horror that any conservative or Republican would vote for a megalomaniacal, totalitarian, Marxist nanny-stater like Hillary Clinton. However, if you think it through, you would come to the same conclusion as I have (and Ann Coulter as well), and that is, what does it matter if in the end, the Republican nominee is the same as the Democrat? Actually, the situation is even worse, because Republicans in Washington have this sheep-like mentality where they will go along with a high-ranking Republican's political scheme, no matter how leftist or hare-brained it is, and they will go along with it because they don't dare stand up to their fellow Republicans. Ask yourself: Do you think George W. Bush could have gotten away with half of his shenanigans over the last seven years if he wasn't a Republican? Example: Republicans complained up and down about what a big spender Bill Clinton was, and they made every effort to stop him. Then George W. Bush comes along and signs more spending bills than Bill Clinton ever dreamed of. Where's the comparative outrage from the right? Can you imagine if it had been Bill Clinton who signed the McCain-Feingold Bill into law instead of George W. Bush? The Republicans in Congress would have been outraged. But, since it was GWB who signed McCain-Feingold, you heard nary a peep from the Grand Old Party.

The bottom line is that at least if Hillary Clinton were elected, the Republicans in Congress would be compelled to attempt to thwart her Marxist machinations. If McCain were elected instead, the Republicans would fail to put up a fight approaching anywhere near the same intensity, yet in the end, the legislation that McCain would sign would essentially be the same as you would get from President Hillary. There is something to be said for good ol' fashioned partisanship!

Good Day to You, Sir


Darren said...

I won't vote for the Democrat, but I'd vote 3rd party over McCain.

Not that it matters here in California....

Chanman said...

In the end, I will most likely write in the name of Duncan Hunter for the general election. I voted for him in the primary; I might as well stick with him to the end.

If it's between McCain or one of the Democrats, why *not* write in Hunter?

Texas Truth said...

chanman: I also have thought about a 3rd party candidate or a write in vote. McCain scares me as much as Hillary and Obama. This country will be further down the road to "hell" if any of these three get elected.

PS: I like the new color and layouts. I wish I had the knowledge of html to make my blogs apperance my appealing.