Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Che chic" joins the Obama campaign

Everyone is tripping over himself trying to distance the Obama campaign from this image, but the fact remains that supporters of Barack Obama opened a campaign office in Houston, Texas, and adorned a wall in their office with the image of that Communist butcher, Che Guevara - superimposed on a Cuban flag to boot.

If you click here, you can watch the original news story that was run by a local Houston affiliate where the scene in the Che-adorned office takes place. Of course, right under where you click to watch the video, a disclaimer has been posted that says:
The office featured in this video is funded by volunteers of the Barack Obama Campaign and is not an official headquarters for his campaign.
Well that makes everything all better! You see, the office is not an official headquarters. I'm sure if an unofficial campaign headquarters for a right-wing candidate had, say, a Nazi flag with Hitler imposed on it, the mainstream media would have ignored that story like they have essentially ignored this Che-flag flap. Of course they would have! Once again, were it not for the alternative media and the blogosphere, this story would have been swept under the rug.

The Obama campaign may be pulling the "know-nothing" routine regarding the Che flag, but this tells you bucketloads about the kind of people who support his politics, and perhaps it gives you more insight into his politics as well. People like these Che groupies wouldn't be adoring supporters of Obama if he was the least bit centrist; it's not like he is the only left-wing Democrat from which to choose. If you want to support a Marxist, Hillary Clinton is sitting right over there, and after the outcome of the Potomac primaries tonight, she could use the votes.

Good Day to You, Sir

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