Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Something to do on day one of the new year

Happy 2008 everyone! If you are like me (and hopefully you are), you don't want to spend the day watching football. Instead, try this geography game onto which Neal Boortz (see blogroll) turned me on.

I have played games before where you click the mouse on the country whose capital is Paris, but in this game, that's not good enough. In this game, you have to click in the vicinity of part of France where Paris is located. The closer you click to the actual location, the more points you receive; the more points you receive, the better the chances are that you will make it to the next level. There are 12 levels in all - I made it to level 11. As the levels progress, the locations get more remote and the time to locate them becomes less and less. By level 11, I was being asked to click on Bandeh Aceh, Indonesia!

If you think you are good at geography, this game is definitely for you. Check it out.

Good Year to You, Sir


Texas Truth said...

You are good. I could not get past level 8.

Don, American said...

Warning: If you go to France, starting today, you can no longer smoke in public places. Will the French sit still for that despoilment of their culture? Atrocious. Sacre bleu!

Darren said...

Almost 487,000 points, level 11.

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