Sunday, December 30, 2007

"Well, shoot any black you see"

Must be the words of a white supremacist, right? Some dragon from the KKK in the 1920s? Neither of those assumptions would be correct. Those are the words from a leader of a Latino gang in Los Angeles. This Associated Press article tells us the news about a brewing race war that is going on in the City of the Angels.

There is a violent turf war going on in LA that the press really isn't talking about all that much, and is only now beginning to report on as the war gets worse. The lack of media attention is mostly because the violence involves two different groups of minorities, with not a white man to be seen. As you know, the mainstream media usually eats up interracial violence only when the perp is white and the victim isn't.

What is happening is that the Latinos/Hispanics (I can never figure out what they want to be called) are taking over the greater Los Angeles area, and blacks are being pushed out. South Central LA, which has long been associated with being a "black" section of the city, is now something like 70% Latino. This demographic shift is being hastened by Latino gangs who started out targeting black gang members, but are now spreading their sights to any black they see.

Two good resources for finding out more about this Latino-on-black violence are the blogs of Michelle Malkin and LaShawn Barber. They were talking about this subject long before the MSM picked up on it.

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