Thursday, December 27, 2007

Notable Quotables - 2007

At the end of every year, Media Research Center (see blogroll at left) comes out with its list of the most zany, most ridiculous, most inane statements made by members of the Mainstream Media during the last 12 months. It takes a little time to read, but I have posted the PDF file for your enjoyment.

Here is just one quote out of many that gives you an idea of what is listed:
Matt Lauer: “From your point of view, if you were to
run for President you could take this issue [global warming]
to the next level, even during just a campaign. And if
you were fortunate enough to win the presidency, you’d
sit in the most powerful office in the free world with a real
chance to make — you could be in a position to save the
planet, without putting too much emphasis on it. Wouldn’t
that be enough of a reason to run for President for you?”

Former Vice President Al Gore: “Well, I appreciate the
impulse behind the question. I am not planning to run....”

Lauer: “But as someone who feels as passionately about
the subject as you do, and your documentary is evidence
of that, why pass up the opportunity to have that world
stage again?”

— Exchange on NBC’s Today, December 6, 2006. [43]
I remember hearing that little ditty being played on talk radio last December. As you can see, it had staying power.

Good Day to You, Sir

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Darren said...

Well, there went several dozen minutes while I read that list!