Monday, December 31, 2007

McCain? No, thank you!

Apparently, John McCain has made a huge surge in the polls, both nationally and in New Hampshire. This summer he had been written off as an also-ran, but now that he is the only Republican front-runner without a personal scandal making the news, his numbers have shot up.

I would no more vote for John McCain than I would Hillary Clinton, and for the same reason. They are both political opportunists who do the popular thing, rather than the right thing. Yes, I know that description fits the bill of many, if not most, politicians. But I am talking front-runners here. While McCain may not have any personal scandals, he has more than his share of what I would call political scandals. These scandals would involve the two biggest reasons I would never vote for John McCain for president: The McCain-Feingold "Campaign Finance Reform" law, and the Illegal Alien Amnesty bill that McCain supported this summer.

McCain-Feingold is an atrocious law that absolutely guts the First Amendment. It tells people how they can spend their money when legitimately working to elect a political candidate. The worst part of the law was the section that prohibited ads that mentioned a candidate's name from being run at least 30 days before a primary, or 60 days before a general election. I believe that the Supreme Court found that little gem to be unconstitutional, but just the fact that John McCain would support a blatantly unconstitutional proviso like that makes him absolutely unacceptable as president, just as George W. Bush became unacceptable when he signed the stupid bill into law.

Then there is this summer's amnesty bill that got shot down when the American people (via talk radio) went apeshit. Oh, the supporters of the bill insisted it wasn't an amnesty bill, but if it quacks like a duck.... McCain was a big supporter of that bill too, which again, makes him totally unacceptable.

So your next question is probably, "OK, Chanman, so who do you support for president?" My answer is, "That's a very good question."

John McCain - I just covered that.
Mike Huckabee - Wants to be compassionate with YOUR money. He's a Republican socialist and a political lightweight, and his pro-stance on illegal immigration is even more disgusting than McCain's.
Rudy Giuliani - Pro-gun control, pro-abortion, and appeared to be fully in favor of New York City being a sanctuary city for illegal aliens. That, and he was able to be elected mayor of that bastion of conservatism called New York City. Next!
Mitt Romney - Flip-flopped on his positions regarding gun control and abortion, and was able to be elected governor of that bastion of conservatism called Massachusetts. Next!
Fred Thompson - He has promise, but he is just too wishy-washy, too insider, too CFR member.
Ron Paul - I agree with him on every issue I can think of, with the exception of his isolationist stance. He keeps blaming 9/11 on our foreign policy. While I agree that our international meddling has pissed off some people over the years, does Paul really think that the radical Muslims would leave us alone if we just turned inward? I don't see Thai or Filipino aircraft carriers patrolling the seas, yet those two countries both have Muslim insurgencies on their hands. Radical Muslims don't want us dead because we're in Muslim countries, they want us dead because we're not Muslim.
Duncan Hunter - Is he still in the race?

There is no need for me to list the Democrats. No, wait, I'll be fair:

All the Democrat candidates - They're a bunch of totalitarian socialists. Next!

So, for whom will I vote? I would write in Margaret Thatcher, but she's not eligible.

Good Day to You, Sir


Polski3 said...

Re: Political Candidates, politicians.....SO, how do we roll Julius Caesar, Teddy Roosevelt, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and Winston Churchill into one candidate/politician ? ;-)

Samuels Daddy said...

hey Chanman,

I was surprised at your comments on Ron Paul. Admittedly, I don't know much about him but I noticed this article on LGF and want to know your thoughts. I kinda thought that guy was a kook, to be honest:

(click on the 'Daily Kos: The overt racist in the GOP field.' link and the 'at the beginning of November' link)

Chanman said...

I have always been a big fan of Ron Paul's dedication to smaller government, adherence to the letter of the Constitution, and the reduction of involvement that the federal government has in our lives. As for the accusations against Paul regarding his newsletters, if the racist stuff is true, I would certainly not defend him on it.

However, any disagreeable views he may or may not have in that arena doesn't change my agreement with him regarding the subjects I just mentioned.

Samuels Daddy said...

well said.

I guess I would have to agree with you and him on the size of gov't as well!