Friday, December 07, 2007

I have often wondered the same thing!

In one of his beloved Random Thoughts columns, Thomas Sowell asks a question that I have pondered for years:
Since electricity is generated mostly by burning coal, has anyone calculated how much pollution is created by electric cars, even though none of that pollution comes out of their tailpipes?
I have said more than once to anyone who will listen that the more electric cars purchased, the more burning coal and hydroelectric dams we will need.

Good Day to You, Sir


Darren said...

Don't forget inexpensive, clean, and all-American nuclear energy.

Donalbain said...

Of course, this would depend greatly on the relative efficiency of a power station and an internal combustion engine, and the amount of CO2 that each will produce per 100mile of journey. Do you have any idea of those figures?

Chanman said...

No. Do you have them handy?