Monday, September 10, 2007

Blacks just cannot control themselves...

So implies Tavis Smiley, a leftist former talk host on Black Entertainment Television (BET) and current leftist talk host on PBS. This story, which came out in late June, flew under my radar until I came across it in the Digest section of my latest issue of Whistleblower from World Net Daily. The WND link to the story can be accessed here. Since it is a short blurb, I will just reprint it for you:
The moderator of Thursday's Democrat presidential debate said he did not ask the mostly black audience to refrain from applauding candidates' answers, because blacks are too "emotional" to obey such a rule.

Asked by C-Span host Brian Lamb why he didn't enforce a no-applause rule for his PBS-sponsored debate like other debate formats, moderator Tavis Smiley explained: "Because black people are an emotional people. I know it wouldn't have worked."

Smiley says the black audience attending the 90-minute session at Howard University would not have listened or complied with such a request for silence, suggesting African-Americans are unable to control themselves.

He made the remarks on Friday morning's Washington Journal program aired on C-Span.

The nationally televised debate featured eight Democrat candidates, including Sens. Hillary Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois.

Smiley, a black talk show host and liberal political activist, made the observation in the wake of widespread violence during Juneteenth celebrations across the nation.

Police reported stabbings, shootings and beatings – including the fatal mob beating of a Hispanic man – at festivals commemorating the black holiday in Milwaukee, Wis.; Austin, Texas; Syracuse, N.Y.; and other cities.
Reminds me of that moron of a college professor who I mentioned in a previous post, who said that black students shouldn't be expected to sit in their seats and be quiet at school because it is in their "culture" to disrupt.

When people say stuff like this, do they even listen to themselves? I'm sure Mr. Smiley thought he was paying the black race a compliment, when in reality, he was insulting and degrading them instead.

Good Day to You, Sir

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