Friday, July 27, 2007

Skewed priorities regarding local graffiti

Here is a "man bites dog" story if I ever saw one. The other day, some racist, Nazi, anti-black graffiti was found scrawled on a bike path in the Natomas area of Sacramento.

I have linked to pictures of the graffiti, but I will post one pic here just in case the link ever becomes no good:

That is indeed a hateful, racist, and horrible thing to do, and I condemn whoever did it. However, my question is why did this make local headlines in the Sacramento Bee and the lead story on the local TV news stations, when graffiti like the following can be found all over the place on a daily basis:

Graffiti like this may not be as "sexy" as the racist scrawls that have everyone in such a tizzy, but the violence that is borne out of this common gangland graffiti kills a hell of a lot more minorities than the relatively rare white racist graffiti that is apparently rare enough that it makes the newspapers and the local TV news when it is discovered.

If people want to wax indignant about hateful graffiti, how about concentrating their efforts on the graffiti that truly leads to the excessive violence that is turning vast segments of the city of Sacramento and other cities around the country into the hellholes that they are.

You see this same syndrome when there are protests and riots in the street when a police officer shoots a black suspect, but the crickets chirp when yet another black thug guns down yet another black victim. It is all about going for the easy feel-good position that makes one feel superior. Until these professional grievance mongers can get their priorities straight, I'm not going to lose much sleep about how upset they are about the swastikas that are spray-painted on the sidewalks.

Good Day to You, Sir


Law and Order Teacher said...

In my experience of analyzing graffiti, I haven't seen too many that said "kill BLACKS." Most make use of the "N" word. That seems to be an awfully polite, and politically correct threat.

Chanman said...

In the name of full disclosure, check the link, and you will see a photo where they did use the word "nigger". It is still kind of funny that they used the word "black" at all, though.

Politically correct vandals... how thoughtful!

Law and Order Teacher said...

It seems that this case is one of some bored teenagers looking to do something fun. I like the way that website was hyperventilating over this obvious case of teenage stupidity. These type of people are a pain in the butt. Their sense of entitlement to be more offended than you is more boring than the stupid crap those kids wrote on the asphalt. Nice post.