Monday, June 25, 2007

A suspect beyond description

Hat tip to the Smoking Gun for the use of this photo. The waste of oxygen you see before you is a convict out of Utah who, the other day, killed a guard who was accompanying him to a University of Utah hospital. The waste of oxygen then escaped and went on the run. I mean, seriously - did this idiot actually think that he would be successful in his efforts to stay on the lam? I will never understand why someone would want to tattoo his face. I don't think much of tattoos at all, but the face is just a horrendous place to ink yourself, because it is so permanent, and your face really is the window into your soul. It is the one place on your body at which everyone looks.

Maybe I haven't been paying attention, but it seems like this whole face-tattooing thing among gang members is relatively new. If I am wrong, feel free to correct me. This bad ass gang Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) out of El Salvador that has been growing in the U.S. also seems to have a plethora of members who mess up their faces with tattoos. What a sad and demented hobby for one to have.

Good Day to You, Sir


t said...

What a cuttie. The lightning bolts on his cheeks really bring out his eyes. Wouldn't his mama be proud?

Imagine your daughter coming home with that piece of trash!

Anonymous said...

This just another way of asking for attention. We shoud pay more attention to our youth now before your dauther or son thinks this is the way to get your attention.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Wow, what a waste of perfectly good tattoo ink. At least people like him stand out in a crowd.

Law and Order Teacher said...

When I was a cop it never seemed that the people I was looking for were that easy to identify. Except of course for the genius who robbed a hotel at gunpoint early in the morning about 3 AM. We found him running from the scene about 2 miles away. With in 5 minutes we had him identified by the hotel clerk and he was on his way to jail. How did we identify him so quickly? He had a gold implant of a playboy bunny on one of his front teeth. Who said criminals are smart?

Texas Truth said...

The police officers of our school used to go around taking photos of "certain" students (gain bangers, malcontents, known problem students) at lunch, before school, etc. They would get the photos and tell the students to drop by their office and pick up a free copy.

They were usually with there friends

What is funny is these "certain" students didn’t know the police were building a file of photos of these students to use for ID purposes.

Most criminals are very stupid. If they were smart, they would realize that they didn;t have the resources of the "man."

BTW: FRY TATTOO GUY! That will mean one less piece of trash we have to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Boy, talk about committment! Is just me or has our entire society become more pagan? More piercings in nose, more no holds barred fighting, more tattoos (almost everyone woman seems to have one) more bald heads, etc. In addition, it seems so many who are walking around look as if they are ready to kick ass at a moment's notice. Does anyone smile anymore?

Chanman said...

"...more bald heads"?

I must admit, I shave my head, but I don't do it for pagan reasons. I do it because if I let my hair grow, it looks like a ball of steel wool. My shaved head (with clippers, not a razor) is more comfortable and easier to manage.

I am keeping it!

Darren said...

Texas Truth: GREAT story!

MikeAT said...

Texas Truth

Great post.

I've been a cop for ten years and as I've often said if it wasn't for stupid people, I'd probably be out of a job! Idiots like this may be sure I'll see my pension! :)

Oh Chanman, on calling him a "waste of oxygen", I respectfully suggest your a little off target. He's more like a "waste of sperm"