Sunday, June 24, 2007

Socrates vs. Jowakka the D.C. student

Columnist Ellis Washington has written a hilarious piece that imagines a conversation between Socrates, a NEA official, a typical Washington D.C. student, and a student from South Africa.

A sample of the conversation:
Socrates: I will ask Jowakka the same question, but before you answer, Jowakka, would you please take the headphones off your head, put away that magazine, take the gum out of your mouth and sit up straight like a lady?

Jowakka: {indignant} Huh? What you say to me?! ... What-ev-ar! Yeah.
Read the rest right here.

Good Day to You, Sir


Law and Order Teacher said...

That was very interesting to read. We have all encountered the "I don't want to go to school" students. It is very interesting that the public schools are then responsible for engaging those students in learning. I have said many times that it is a shame that a few incorrigible students take away from the majority who want to learn. There is the fallacy of the system. Those who don't care should be taken away from those who do.

bluejay said...

Ah, but if the system allows students actually to be educated, they will be thinkers and analyzers, and will abolish the public educational system, the NEA, the CTA, the National Socialist (oh, excuse me!) the Democratic Party, and all of those socialists will lose their jobs and power. Never gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

So true:

Socrates: NEA, how many poor people do you know?

NEA: {humbled} None, Master.