Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Big Government loves the Fairness Doctrine

First it was fringe lefties like congresscritters Dennis Kucinich and Maurice Hinchey, but they were simply testing the waters. Now we have big players like Senators Feinstein, Kerry, and Lott who have either made allusions to putting the squeeze on talk radio (Lott), or have just come out and said that the so-called Fairness Doctrine should be reinstated. Lott has since backtracked on his remarks about "dealing with" talk radio, but not Feinstein and Kerry. Here is an audio of John "F-ing" Kerry lamenting the fact that the Fairness Doctrine is not currently in effect:

Then for Dianne Feinstein, we have audio and video. You have to sit through that slimy idiot Trent Lott before we get to the astonishing elitism of Feinstein:

This all comes back to the question of who decides? Who decides what is one sided? Who decides what is hyperbole, or explosive? Who decides whether something is too politically extreme? You, Dianne? When it gets down to the brass tacks, the Fairness Doctrine involves some government bureaucrat sitting in an office and monitoring radio shows for violations of equal time. It illustrates bucketloads about the true totalitarian nature of our left-wingers out there who talk a good game about freedom of speech... except when it is speech with which they disagree.

Good Day to You, Sir


The Vegas Art Guy said...

The left loves the fairness doctrine. Slippery, meet slope...

Law and Order Teacher said...

When the Supreme Court allowed McCain-Finegold many said we started down a bad road. Guess what? We are hurtling down that road now. Any time anyone begins to tinker with free speech it's the cue for totalitarians to kick in the door. The pertinent question is where does it stop?

Darren said...

The answer to the statement that conservative talk radio "runs" this country was the result of the November 2006 elections.

We already have a Fairness Doctrine. It's called the ballot box.