Sunday, June 03, 2007

Al Gore and his harem of hypocritical hippies

My favorite muckraking blogger, Zombie made a trek to a Marin civic center to record a visit from the Goracle, where he pushed his new book and spoke the same ol' same ol' about anthropogenic global warming, which is the fancy way of saying humans are causing the earth to burn! If this is true, as Gore and his minions attest, then bask in the hypocritical hilarity when Zombie makes a little visit to the parking lot...

Good Day to You, Sir

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Texas Truth said...

Great post and link to his site. I have liberal acquaintances who think the sun rises and sets on "Algore."

I asked some of them about his SUVs, his house, his flying everywhere on private planes, etc. and all the fuel and energy HE uses.

The said than didn't matter and I just didn't understand.

I kept pressing for an explanation and could not get one.

I suppose energy consumption applies to everyone except him.

One added note: I regret not making a trip to Crawford when Cindy Sheehan was "in residence."

Now that she has "retired," I guess I will not have a chance to see, first hand, the “spectacle” that she was.