Tuesday, May 29, 2007

If you think the Chunnel is impressive...

... how about a tunnel underneath the Bering Sea that would link Siberia with Alaska? If they accomplished this estimated-$65 billion dollar project, you could practically drive around the world!

A trans-Alaska/Siberia tunnel may seem impossible, but the undersea tunnel that links England to France was once thought to be impossible too. If you wanted to build a route that spans the Bering Sea, I would think a tunnel would be your only option. Can you imagine trying to build, let alone maintain, a bridge across some of the roughest weather and water in the world? Remember, this is where Alaska crab fishermen do their thing in what is considered to be the most dangerous profession on earth.

Who knows if the Bering Tunnel (Bunnel?) ever gets built, but it's a cool idea.

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Darren said...

Something spanning the Straits of Gibraltar would seem more utilitarian than something spanning the Bering Straits, but then again, why would Europe want to make it even easier for terrorists to arrive?