Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Don't bother me, I'm following the Duke Rape Case

Again and again, the double standards of the mainstream media astound me. When it comes to horrific crimes that make the national news, by and large they tend to be crimes that fit a certain template: white male kills or seriously violates a protected minority. I'm sure you will easily recognize media-obsessed cases such as the robbery and killing of Mathew Shepard in Wyoming in 1998; the dragging death of James Byrd in Jasper, Texas, also in 1998; the Duke (non) rape case that was recently concluded.

Have you ever heard of the 2000 Wichita Horror case, in which five whites were brutally raped, robbed, tortured, and shot in the head execution-style by two black siblings? How about the 2002 murder of Ken Tillery in Jasper, Texas that eerily copied the murder of James Byrd, only this time, it was the white Tillery being beaten and run over with a truck by four black men. Where was the news coverage there? With few, if any, exceptions, murders of whites at the hands of blacks do not make the national news, while the names of black victims murdered at the hands of whites often become part of the national lexicon (e.g., James Byrd).

This pattern of media blackout (no pun intended) of politically incorrect crimes has occurred again, and the alternative media and the blogosphere are beginning to make the story gain steam, even if the mainstream press (yes lefties, including Fox News) continue to ignore it.

Here are the victims, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom:

On the night of January 6, 2007, the 23 year old Newsom and the 21 year old Christian were out on a date in Knoxville, Tennessee when they were carjacked by five thugs. The couple was driven back to the abode of one of the thugs, where for the next several days, the couple was raped and tortured. Finally, while Christian was forced to watch, Newsom's penis was cut off and then he was shot and killed, doused with gasoline, and set on fire. His body was later found along some railroad tracks. Channon Christian was raped and tortured some more, and urinated upon, before at least one of her breasts was cut off, and she was made to swallow bleach in order to clean any DNA from her mouth and throat. She was then killed and dismembered. Investigators found Christian's body parts in five different trash cans throughout the house. Keep in mind, this torture, rape, and abuse went on for days before the couple was finally murdered.

With such a wanton and brutal story like this, you can easily imagine it making the national news, yet outside of Knoxville, nary a peep has been heard. Why? Perhaps a peek at the (alleged) perpetrators might give you an answer.

Now for the part that makes the mainstream media presumably squirm in their chairs; here are the suspects who have been arrested and charged in the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom:

Ouch! Now this does not fit the preferred template. In the twisted minds of the mainstream media, only white-on-black crime should be reported nationally, even though white-on-black crime represents only about 10-15 percent of all interracial violence, and remember, there are still a lot more whites in this country than blacks, making those numbers even more skewed.

It is an ugly truth that between 85-90 percent of all interracial violence involves a black perpetrator and a white victim. Yet to watch the mainstream media, you would think that the reality is in reverse. The non-reporting of this brutal murder is a perfect example of this media blackout. Imagine the facts of this case being identical in every way except for the race of those involved. Imagine the picture of the murdered couple being two black faces and the picture of the five suspects being that of five white males and a white female. Do you think that this would be a national news story then? Do you think those racist gasbags, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, would have already swooped down upon Knoxville like the race-baiting vultures they are in order to whip up a frenzy? A better question is, why didn't Jackson and Sharpton swoop into Knoxville anyway? Was this double torture/rape/murder not worthy enough for their attention? Nope, the Revs were too busy with the (non) rape case in North Carolina. You see, that story fit their template. Too bad for them that it was bogus.

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Yankee James said...

There will be a rally in Knoxville on May 26.

Details here:

Darren said...

You're obviously a racist for pointing this out.

sarcasm light is not /off

Anonymous said...

I did some follow up on Google News and did not find the details that you offered in your post. This is not meant to suggest that you don't have the details correct. I would agree with your's and Malkin's assessment.

Speaking from experience and observation(having worked with and in the black community for about 9 years), and having statistics on my side(black on black crime at such a high rate for example), one wonders why the black community has grown so violent and what can be done about it. I just don't hear many African-American voices screaming for change from within.