Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mrs. Pelosi goes to Damascus

This image pretty much sums up House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's little jaunt to the Middle East, where she sucked up to the terrorist-supporting leader of the terrorist-supporting country of Syria. Everything she is doing gives legitimacy to a regime that deserves no such recognition. The fact that she is there is bad enough, but then she goes around with this mysoginistic Muslim head-cover. As an American politician on state business, I would tell them to go piss up a rope and throw that head covering in their face. But not San Fran Nan; as a Democrat with impeccable liberal credentials, she recognizes the need to cuuuuulturally seeeensitive to her Syrian friends. Here is what my go-to political cartoonists Cox and Forkum think of her visit:

So while Pelosi pussyfoots with the Syrians, they continue to support Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, and terrorist groups in Iraq who are killing our troops. I swear to God, if I was President, I would have Pelosi arrested as soon as she came back to our shores. She's yours Democrats, you need to deal with her.

Good Day to You, Sir


J.D. Ryan said...

Ok, so is Congressman Darrel Issa (R-CA) in the same boat as Pelosi? He's in Syria right now. What about Reps. Frank Wolf (R-VA), Joseph R. Pitts (R-PA) and Robert Aderholt (R-AL)who were in Syria 2 days before Pelosi? Are they terrorist sympathizers as well?

And I'm sure the spittle was flying from your mouth when you saw that picture of Laura Bush in her head scarf when she was in a mosque in Jerusalem, right? Hang the infidel!

While Pelosi 'pussyfoots' with Syrians, George Bush continues to ignore diplomacy (something every President until him used quite effectively in various ways, both R and D), and more people die for his little silly war of choice, and more terrorists are made because of his policies. And he refuses to negotiate with the people we're in conflict with him. Yeah, that shows some real maturity.. maybe if it were the 11th century. If you have your panties in such a wad about all those nasty terrorists killing our troops, what are you doing to bring them home? Or is the best way to 'support' them is to leave them there so more can die?

Oooh, shame on a gov't official for respecting the customs of the place they're visiting, something just about ANY diplomat has always done as a sign of good faith. Boy, I bet you were pissed to see Bush wearing one of those Japanese jacket things when he went to the Orient last year. Good thing Reagan didn't put on a SS uniform when he visited Bitburg, eh? How rude!

We are dealing with Pelosi and most of us are pretty happy to finally have someone putting a grown-up face on the country instead of a petulant two-year old walking around with a load of fresh shit in his diaper. When are you going to deal with Bush? He's the one responsible for this mess.

What specifically has Pelosi done wrong, and are the 4 Repubs in Syria just as wrong? Or is it more of the double standard and compartmentalized thinking you cons are well known for? Which is it? I'm not going any further until you answer that question.

Chanman said...

You are such a tool. No, it is not OK for Issa and the rest to go to Syria. In fact President Bush CONDEMNED their visit, saying that it only validates the Hamas/Hezbollah-loving Syrians. You kinda conveniently left that condemnation part out.

The difference here is that Darrel Issa and the rest are not third in line to the presidency; they are not the freakin' Speaker of the House of Representatives. Her visit carries a lot more weight with the Syrians than some lowly congressional committee member.

And you bet your ass I have a problem with Pelosi wearing her little headscarf. During World War II, if a Jewish U.S. government official went over to meet with Hitler, I guess you would think it would only be culturally sensitive for him to wear one of those yellow Stars of David with the word "Juden" on them that Jews in Nazi Germany were forced to wear. There is a big difference between being respectful toward another culture, and being coerced by another culture. In your twisted, leftist, moral equivalent mind, you seem not to be able to differentiate between the two.

J.D. Ryan said...

Funny, because when Pelosi mentioned it to the president, he didn't raise a stink about it. Was it ok for Hastert to go to Indonesia a few years back and tell the officials he met with to not bother talking to Clinton and just to deal with congress directly?? I;m sure you were fuming over that one, right?

Was Laura Bush 'coerced' into wearing the headscarf?

And once again, what is the alternative.. we've had 6 years of little-dicked faux cowboy stuff, and zero diplomacy. Hell, Reagan would've done better. I'm glad her visit carries weight. It's letting other countries know that we're not all as brain-dead as our president.

What's your alternative to get us out of this mess in the middle east? I'd really like to know. Does it involve killing lots more brown people? Judging from some of the vile crap on your site, I assume you'd be ok with that.

Not being able to differentiate the two? I know hatred when I see it. It's obvious by spending a few moments on your site that you're none too fond of the 'darkies', are you?urwjy

Chanman said...

Killing more brown people? You really are as petty and shallow as I took you for.

When you got nothin' else, go for the race card.

J.D. Ryan said...

If you mean 'calling out racist shitheads when I see them' then I'm playing a royal flush looking at your site. I hope your kids don't read this garbage. Or the people who run the school you work at. Or their parents. Race card? Sure.. you're the dealer.

Now, aside form your reluctance to defend your bigotry, back to my questions:

Was Laura Bush 'coerced' into wearing the headscarf?

What's your alternative to get us out of this mess in the middle east?

And when Dennis Hastert, at the time 'third in line for the presidency' went to Indonesia and told the Indonesians to not bother talking to Clinton, to just deal with the Congressional Republicans, did that 'carry more weight' and was indeed treasonous as well?

Chanman said...

"Racist shithead"? I think it's time for you to start breathing into a paper bag there J.D. I am growing quite amused at watching your sanity spiral further downward with each comment you post.

You want me to "defend" my "bigotry"? That's a loaded statement if I ever heard one. There is no bigotry to defend. However, I see something that you need to defend, and that is your assertion that I am a racist. Kindly point out to me what I have ever said that is racist. It's intellectually lazy to just throw the race card out there like you have, but it's another thing to actually back it up.

Just to get you started, "racism" is defined as the belief that one race is inherently superior to another. Please point out where I have ever made that assertion.

Additionally, I notice that not only do you defend Pelosi's ill-advised trip to Syria, you also apparently defend Dennis Hastert's trip to Indonesia as well. Of course, the Indonesian government is not openly assisting our enemies who are trying to kill our troops like Syria is doing, and the last time I checked, Hastert isn't the Speaker of the House anymore, while that dolt Pelosi is. Your party is in power now, so they get to absorb the abuse for the stupid things they do. The Republicans did plenty of stupid things as well, hence, they are no longer in power... Hello??? Are you listening???

Laura Bush was in Jerusalem, which is located in the free and democratic country of Israel. She didn't have to wear that scarf unless she chose to. Pelosi was in one of the most oppressive nations on earth, where if she didn't wear that scarf, her safety could be in jeopardy. I refer you back to my previous argument about respecting a culture versus being coerced by a culture. I see you still don't have a clue about the difference.

Breathe, J.D., breathe....

J.D. Ryan said...

I'll admit I was wrong. Hastert was actually in Columbia, not Indonesia. But in that case, it was perfectly ok to directly undermine the president, because his last name was Clinton. Don't remember anything about Pelosi telling the Syrians to just ignore Bush and speak only with her and the D's in Congress. Once again, what's the story here? Sounds like yet another distraction of how bad the Repubs and Bush are fucking this country.

Considering you're going to do what most racist cons do and stick to the tired and true 'if I'm not literally stating that whites are superior to blacks even though much of what I write infers it subtly in many ways I'm not a racist' then I'm not going to bother. Like I said, racist shithead. One look at your writings and your blogroll confirms that. Your poor kids. Like I said, I played the 'race card' because you dealt me a royal flush.

So, Pelosi wore her scarf out of safety concerns. Uh, okay.

And could you please point me to where Bush condemned all those treasonous Republicans?

I don't know why I even bother because just about everything you support and propose is either discredited, gone down in flames, or has no chance of coming to fruition. Like I've said, you are repeatedly on the losing side of history. You're another stereotypical crybaby white Christian guy who feels constantly like he's being persecuted. Boo-fuckin-hoo. Me want sense of privlege. Wah.

Good day to you, sir.

Chanman said...

qaChanman asks J.D. for one example of why Chanman is a racist, and this is the best he can come up with: "One look at your writings and your blogroll confirms that [you are a racist]."

Wow, that's convincing. Again I ask, what have I ever said that is racist. Oh, and thank you for bringing my children into your condemnation of me. What a peace-loving compassionate leftist you are.

Speaking of condemnation, here is the link to an article from Yahoo News:

Excerpt from the article:

A White House spokesman, Alex Conant, said the administration tries to deter lawmakers from both parties from engaging Assad.

"We discourage all visits to Syria because it's a state sponsor of terror," he said. "A lot of officials have gone, and it hasn't changed the Syrians' behavior."

"So, Pelosi wore her scarf out of safety concerns. Uh, okay."

Funny how you just slough off my assertion that Pelosi was wrong about wearing the headscarf. Whatsa matter, do the facts collide with your preconceived opinions? Facts are funny that way. Women often get the shit beat out of them (and sometimes killed) in countries like this for not properly concealing themselves. Apparently, you are OK with this. This is common with the multicultural left, who abhor at the thought of thinking that one culture is superior to another. I know, I know, who are we to condemn another culture just because they want to subjugate their women by wrapping them up like a burrito?