Thursday, April 05, 2007

Another little angel who can do no wrong

From Clearwater, Florida comes the story of a high school senior who "suddenly and without thinking about the consequences", mooned his teacher. The student was suspended and transferred to another school. Now the student and his parents are suing.

These parents out there have got to stop protecting their little darlings from the consequences of their stupid actions.

Good Day to You, Sir


t said...

I will bet that this poor, misunderstood, “child’s” school file is full of little incidents he has committed over the years. A middle finger here, a curse-word there, maybe a scuffle in the hallway. This was just the school’s final straw. Boo hoo for him. He probably figured he would just get another “now that’s not proper school behavior” and a finger waggle for this flash of anger and instead he got what was coming to him.

I say bully for that school. Even if the lawsuit will probably go against them.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I have said since I became a teacher that appeasement will cause students to become more recalcitrant. It's a shame that schools condone this behavior. For a public school to take this kind of action it must have been one of a long line of "misbehaviors." When I was a cop, it was apparent that repeators were the majority of our business. This behavior will continue for this young man.