Monday, March 19, 2007

Well deserved vacation

Hello from San Diego! The fam and I flew down here on Thursday morning to spend a little time with my wife's sister and her family. It has been a wonderful few days, even though the weather has been rather dreary by San Diego standards. I make no secret of the fact that I am not a city person - never mind the fact that I live in Sacramento. Nevertheless, when asked if I had to live in a city what would it be, my answer is always Sacramento, because it is essentially the gateway to the northern California that is so dear to my heart, and while it has almost 500,000, it is still considered a cow town, especially since it is so close to the oh-so-cosmopolitan San Francisco (which I also love to visit). However, if I had to pick a second choice of what city I would live in, I think San Diego would be it. There are lots of mountains to look at, the weather is usually gorgeous, I love the ocean. Then again, it is too close to Mexico and all the problems that come with that benighted country, it is too far away from my roots, and it is a much bigger city than Sacramento.

One thing San Diego has lots of is good golf. On Saturday, my brother-in-law and I joined up with two of his friends to play a round of golf at the municipal course on Coronado. Don't let the municipal part scare you; it is one of my top three all-time favorite golf courses. I didn't take any pictures (I always feel too rushed to pull out the camera), but here is a pic from the course's website that gives you an idea of how lovely this course really is:

The 18th hole is shown in the center foreground right below the clubhouse. As you can see, any errant shot off the tee that pulls to the right will put your ball into San Diego Bay. The bridge that is just visible on the right is the Coronado Bridge that stretches across the bay to connect Coronado with the city of San Diego. You play in the bridge's shadow during some of the early holes. The whole time I am playing this course at Coronado, I am always in awe that my green fee only cost me $35.

Although Coronado is a wonderful course, there is one more I like even better, and that is the Fall River Golf and Country Club in Fall River Mills, California, up in the northeast quadrant of the state. It is absolutely breathtaking, and over 7,000 yards long. In fact the photo of me golfing that you see in my profile was taken at the Fall River golf course. Here is another photo from their website:

Anyone who wishes to share their views, I have two questions for you:

1.) If you had to live in a city, what city would you choose?

2.) If you are a golfer, what is the best course (in your opinion) that you have ever played?

Good Day to You, Sir


Polski3 said...

Enjoy your stay in San Diego ! Weather there is typical for this time of the year.

I lived there while going to school at SDSU, and while I too love that city and all that it offers, I hate the traffic and have (sadly) watched the deterioration of such super places as Balboa Park due to the corruption in their city politics.

Oh, and they are increasingly taking water from Imperial County to the detrament of our agriculture industry, to support their housing growth, industry and golf courses.

George said...

I've never been to either, but they are two cities which seem fascinating: London and Dublin. I 'd just to love to have a neighborhood pub to call home.

Darren said...

No contest--Colorado Springs. Although I enjoyed Salt Lake when I visited, too.

I don't play golf. Too elitist for my non-blue blood =)

I have another week of school before spring break. Ugh!