Saturday, March 31, 2007

Warning: Possible side effects of cancer could include excruciatingly painful death

There is an anti-cancer drug out there called DCA that is still in the rat-testing phase. The drug has shrunk tumors in rats by 75% in around three weeks. Even though it is not on the market, people with cancer are managing to buy DCA on the Internet in an attempt at treating their cancer. Many of these people are terminal. Doctors are aghast that people are buying an "untested" drug and warn that there could be possible side effects.

Just because a drug works in rats doesn't necessarily mean that it will have the same efficacy in human beings, I admit. However, there is one thing I will never understand about doctors and that is when they tell a person who is dying of a horrible, painful disease like cancer that they can't use a treatment drug because there might be side effects. Gosh, you mean side effects that could be worse than, I don't know, say, dying a painful death from Cancer?!

I notice that this worry about side effects comes from doctors who are currently not dying from a terrible disease.

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Texas Truth said...

I have wondered that also. If I had cancer and was looking at a painful death, I would try anything that might help.

I also wonder if some doctors try to keep a patient from getting better quickly in order to keep them as a paying patient/customer.

I guess as I get older, I think more about things like that.

Just some food for thought.

Darren said...

Common sense isn't always so common.